GOLDEN TICKET for Custom Beaded Piece from Be Made Beads

GOLDEN TICKET for Custom Beaded Piece from Be Made Beads

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This listing is for the opportunity to work with me to design a beaded piece when I am securely owner of the Bead Store. I will take the amount you purchase and use it toward material in the store. I will donate my design time for free. I will work though these orders as quickly as I can. I will contact you through your email and create a way for you to help choose the look of your pieces. 

It is helpful to note that the material I will be working with can range from lower to higher grade. I have seen necklaces made in store that range from 40-300 dollars depending on the material.


I am happy to split your amount into multiple pieces. But only the design and making cost will be free for the first piece. There is a making fee for each additional piece. We can discuss all that when I reach out to you! 

You can purchase multiple amounts in order to reach your preferred price goal. But I will still only be donating my services for one piece and would use some of your cost towards additional pieces.

My goal is to get these pieces to you by the end of the year. Though it is likely to be between 60-90 days. 

You can purchase these for others as a gift and I will send it to them if you use their address. If you want them involved in the customization process, leave their email address at checkout. 

Please feel free to DM me on IG made for any pressing questions