One of the unexpected joys of running a small business has been all the connections I have made with other artists and makers. I love sharing and I love supporting... so being able to include those natural loves of mine into work has just brought me joy after joy.
This is an unexhausted list of the women that I have brought alongside me to create. I hope you find someone you would be inspired by as well!
Naomi encouraged me super early on to pursue this as more than a hobby. She is an artist and florist. Her art work is on my capsule wardrobe packaging... and hanging over my kitchen table. 
When I  realized I needed art for my ear cards and logo I immediately thought of Molly. In fact... if this whole thing is just a huge con to  get Molly's artwork in my home... I will neither confirm or deny. 
Hannah and I met over a giveaway. I was impressed by her eye and her way of capturing the stories of others. We have bonded in our love of community. Most of the photography around the website is hers. 
The models that helped us achieve our vision for a stylized shoot in March 2021 are as follows:

Prop list for things often used in styling my product photos
There are so many others. As you follow me on Instagram, I am always trying to tag and include others.