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I originally made this list for stocking stuffers. Yet these would also make great teacher gifts, friend’s birthday presents, or throw a few in a container from Goodwill and you have a care package for anyone in your life.

I look for three criteria when choosing these. Practical, fun, unexpected. Some hit all three but even two of those makes for a good stocking stuffer. Note that most of these can be found in stores, but I wanted to make an Amazon list for those last minute choices or the ease of shopping from your couch.

You know I support shopping small and local when possible. That’s a whole other guide. But there’s a time and place for these kind of lists. (Especially if you need to send this to your partner as a little procrastinated nudge! No shame here!)

Let’s get started!

The reason I finally sat down and made this post is because of this little guy. This essential oil rollerball is marketed as a kids ouchie fixer. And we use it for that all the time. It’s great on bug bites, knees sore from growing pains, scratches… but the reason Abi of Abi Be Made uses it primarily is for my ear piercings. I wear a lot of earrings and sometimes my piercings get a little tender. Applying this overnight always fixes it right up. The best! 

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Best Bobby pins out there. I ask for these every Christmas because one container will last me the whole year. They come in three shades to match any hair color. You will never go back to other brands.

I’m letting you in on an industry secret right now… those little silicone heart earring backings are an Amazon product! If you need extras order your own. We all know how those little buggers disappear

I love stocking stuffers that are the unexpected match to the expected gift. Every women is getting a candle at some point this season. (Let’s hope it’s a Better Things one!) Add this to trim your wicks and get a better burn. Sure you can pinch them off with a tissue. But this is far more elegant.

These are my favorite pen and the one I sign all my thank you notes with. Smooth as butter and the white makes it easy to spot in a drawer or the bottom of your purse.

I started using these earplugs this past fall and it’s changed my ability to cope with sensory overload. I use them with my boys are playing happily but at deafening levels of noise. I also love wearing them in stores when I’m surrounded by people and music trying to make decisions. I can hear enough to communicate without being overwhelmed


Another tool to help with coping has been the Time Timer. It’s in constant use over here and I’m thinking about purchasing a second one! The boys use it to get through homework, morning routines, and I use it to get through dishes and sanding earrings. The visual countdown is key because my brain doesn’t have to compute numbers but I can glance across the room and be grounded in time. I also love the volume of the alarm. Less jarring than my phone alarm.

A boxcutter is an unexpected gift for her. But trust me, she’ll use it! I like to have one in the car as well as the house. This option is my husband’s favorite and he’s a remodeler, so it’s in constant use. Comes in a two pack, perfect for him and her. 😘

A silk bandana is a great alternative to the the expected socks or scrunchies. Can be used in hair or around your neck. Or tied on a purse handle. Love the soft colors of these.

You don’t understand. I’m obsessed. Ha. But actually. This is the best little eyeshadow crease brush. And the price is *chefs kiss*

Dry Shampoo is a girl's best friend. And this pack is bunch of the travel sizes. So throw them in the next few gifts you give!

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 Vitamins make a great gift. We all need them and we all forget to buy or have them. I know there are better ones out there. But for a gift I love these. The packaging is cute and it feels like a little pinch of self care every time you take them. 

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Other things I love in a stocking that you can find anywhere last minute. These are the filler. Those ones above are the 'hero pieces' of the stocking or care package. These are the ones to fill it out with and make it feel more substantial. Don't forget a handwritten note. 


Her preferred mascara (just check her makeup bag)


Nail polish


Luna Bars

Gift Cards to local coffee spot, car wash, pedicure, drugstore, bookstore.

Washi Tape

Thanks for reading! I loved coming up with these and hope you found something you can incorporate into your giving.

(All links are Amazon Affiliate)